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Our Work – Mahgoub Sons Group

Our Work

MSG Agricultural Division – Started off with the African Plantation Co. owning only 3,000 acres at the time and focusing on cash crops such as Sesame, Sorghum, Sunflower and Cotton. The company now owns and farms over 200,000 acres of land and is one of the biggest agricultural companies in Sudan and the African region.  Other companies under MSG Agricultural include “African Factories for Cotton Ginning” which have 3 ginning factories in 3 different locations, and “African Livestock Company” which has future plans of slaughter houses and frozen meat exports.

MSG Engineering Divison – has two companies operating under it. Elnilein Engineering and Spare Parts Co. established in 1979 mainly importing and distributing agricultural machinery and implements as well as being the sole agent for Massey Ferguson Tractors. Having over 20 branches and 4 workshops, Elnilein has positioned itself as a pioneer in its field today. Another company under MSG Engineering is Mahgoub Sons for Agricultural Inputs and Services (MSIS). The company focuses on providing full agricultural services to other farmers and companies, with its services ranging from seeding to harvesting. MSIS also imports and sells fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, as well as local and imported varieties of seeds.

MSG Trading Division – Mahgoub Sons Trading Co. Ltd (Masot) was established in 1990 and it’s the main trading arm of the group. The company’s main focus is importing and exporting agricultural products and food products such as sesame, sorghum, wheat, sunflower seeds, sunflower oil, sugar, cotton and more. Masot is one of the biggest companies in Sudan now, covering more than 60% of the country’s sorghum exports and 30% of the country’s sesame exports. Another company under MSG Trading is MSG Cleaning and Hulling, which provides cleaning and hulling of Sesame seeds to sister companies within the group as well as the local market.

MSG Food Division – Started off with Delta Food Processing & Packing Co. Ltd in 1994 focusing mainly on the import of food products such as milk, sugar, lentils and rice and selling in bulk to the local market. The company was later developed by establishing its own packaging factory and selling its products in smaller consumable sizes to the retail market. Moreover, Mahgoub Sons Factory for Sweets Tahina and Tahneya was another addition to MSG Food in 2016 adding value to our sesame crops, hulling and processing the seeds to make Tahnia Sweets/Halva and Tahini Paste. All delta products and brands are now one of the leading brands in the local and export markets. An additional venture will see the launch of “Delta Oil Refinery” in 2019 selling edible oils to the local and export market.

MSG Logistics and Services DivisionCommodore Transport Company was revived in 2015 to mainly cater to the group activities as well as the local market. Being one of the biggest in Sudan it was the ideal move to invest in our own transportation fleet to ensure safe and timely delivery of our products. Commodore consists of a fleet of 150 trucks and 260 different purpose trailers. Future additions to the division will see the venture into rail transport, sea transport, and air transport.

MSG Media Division – is our newest venture and addition to the group. Consisting of 2 leading television channels and 1 advertising company, we have been able to add value to the country in a strategic way while ensuring that quality products and services are delivered to each and every Sudanese home nationally and internationally.

MSG Industrial Division – consisting of 3 new companies, the industrial division is also one of our newest divisions. Almahgoub Pharmaceutical Company which mainly imports medicine and medical equipment to the Sudanese market. Future plans include the local production of approved medicines. Another venture under this division is Muzon Mining, which currently specializes in gold mining. A project under construction is the Plastic Factory for pp bags, catering to our export and import needs and will officially launch under the division early next year.