Mahgoub Sons Trading Co. Ltd.

Mahgoub Sons Trading Co. Ltd – Masot, was established in 1990 and was the first company to be established under the trading division. The company is the main trading arm of the group focusing mainly on importing and exporting agricultural products and food products such as Sesame, Sorghum, Wheat, Sunflower Seeds, Sunflower Oil, Sugar, Cotton and more. The company experienced fast growth in both fields of import and export and has a strong base of local and international clientele. Masot is one of the biggest companies in Sudan today, positively impacting the country’s economy, covering more than 60% of the country’s Sorghum exports and 30% of the country’s Sesame exports.

Future plans for the company include the establishment of its own loading and discharging terminal at Port Sudan to ensure greater efficiency and success.


As leaders in our field, we want to positively influence the economy and set an example for companies to follow. 


By investing in strategic commodities that are beneficial to both the economy as a whole and to our group, we will be able to grow substantially and secure ourselves as the pioneers. We will do so without compromising our integrity, profitability, or stakeholders interests.

MSG Cleaning and Hulling Plants

Consisting of two cleaning and hulling plants based in Port Sudan and Gedaref States, the plants provide cleaning and hulling of Sesame seeds to sister companies within the group as well as the local market. Both factories have the best cleaning and hulling machinery in Sudan and offer a range of cleaning specs, purity levels, and hulling percentages to its customers. As a result, it has enabled us to meet all international standards and orders requested by our customers both locally and internationally.

  • Al-Mahgoub for Cleaning and Hulling: located in Port Sudan, operating at a capacity of 250MT/day with 12,748 m2 of storage facilities.
  • 5 Stars for Cleaning and Hulling: located in Gedaref State, operating at a capacity of 350MT/day with 16,000 m2 of storage facilities.