Almahgoub Pharmaceuticals Company

Almahgoub Pharmaceuticals Company is a leading supplier of best-in-class specialty drugs, medical and surgical equipment. Established in 2014, the company is an agent for a number of leading international pharmaceutical companies. The main objective of Almahgoub Pharmaceuticals Company is improving the availability of quality medicines in a range of key therapeutic areas such as oncology, endocrinology, cardiology, nephrology and infectious diseases, filling a serious gap in the health sector in Sudan.

Our market experience, strategic partnerships and financial forte have enabled us to manage our business competently resulting in rapid growth that is helping cover unmet needs in the market. Through our clients, which are government and private pharmacies and hospitals, we are extending our reach to all parts of Sudan with a focus on remote and marginalised regions.


We will improve the health sector in Sudan by providing quality pharmaceuticals to all people and laying the foundation of trust in the local pharmaceuticals industry.


With cutting edge technology, reputable partnerships and non-compromisable ethics, we will sustain our pharmaceutical business and provide value for our customers and consumers.

Our Products

* Human Medicines:

  • Sofarimex – Azevedos – Portugal
  • Star Lab – Pakistan
  • Tum Ekip – Turkey
  • PharmaCare – Tunisia
  • Vemilac – Turkey

* Baby Formula and Nutrition:

  • Prima – NutriDar – Jordan

* Cannulas:

  • La Med – India

* Disposables (syringes):

  • Changzhou Henan C – Med – China

* Disposables (others):

  • Tan Sin Lian – Malaysia