African Cotton Trading Company

Established in 2018, the African Cotton Trading Company mainly handles the technical aspects of the cotton supply chain including classification, transport, warehousing, marketing and export.


With over 15,000 MT exported during 2017, AFRICOT is driving the local economy through a sustainable business model that is reviving the cotton industry which has historically been one of the main sources of wealth for Sudan.


To become the leading cotton exporter in Sudan, whilst growing our business profitably and sustainably, and representing the cotton industry in Sudan in a responsible and professional manner.


To provide our clients with cotton that meets the efficiency, quality and safety standards of their operations.

Our Cotton

AFRICOT currently exports two varieties of cotton, Short Staple – Acrain, and Medium Staple – Acala, with the following Specifications:

                                Staple Length            MIC V           G/TEX                  Ui %                TCT             COLOR

ACALA                    26.5 to 27 mm      4.00 to 4.3      27 to28              78 to 80       >3%                White

ACRAIN                  25.5 to 26 mm       4.3 to   4.5      26 to 27             77 to 78       >3 %               White


To improve yield and crop quality, trials to reinstate the production of Barakat crop in the cotton cycle are ongoing with our sister company APCO.

The main importers of our cotton are China, India, Bangladesh, Egypt, Turkey, Ethiopia, Europe and Pakistan.