MSG Engineering

Elnelein Engineering and Spare Parts Company (NESPCO)

Founded in 1979, Elnelein Engineering and Spare Parts Company is a pioneer in the marketing and distribution of agricultural machinery and farming implements in Sudan. The company’s services cover the whole process from import to maintenance, making NESPCO the preferred partner within the Sudan agricultural sector.

For many decades, it has contributed significantly to the development of Agriculture in both
irrigated and rain-fed sectors. Today, NESPCO is a cornerstone in all major agricultural operations in the country. It serves a large number of projects that yield cash and food crops, strengthening the agricultural sector in Sudan, supporting its sustainability and safeguarding peoples’ livelihood.


NESPCO boasts a wide portfolio of equipment from some of the world’s most renowned brands. It is the exclusive dealer of Massey Ferguson in Sudan offering cutting edge farming solutions from sourcing to spare parts and maintenance.

In addition to Massey Ferguson, NESPCO is a distributer of several other international highly
reputable brands including:

  • Baldan – Brazil
  • Ontar – Turkey
  • Versatile – Canada
  • Hattat Tractor – Turkey

NESPCO provides hauling, tillage, seeding and harvesting equipment. Our portfolio includes tractors, combine harvesters, threshers, conventional planters, zero-till Planters, disc harrows, disc ploughs, chisel ploughs, riggers, land levelers, ditchers, sprayers, trailers, hay equipment and several other implements in a broad range of horsepower. The company also stocks genuine Massey Ferguson spare-parts and guarantees excellent after sales service to its customers through fully equipped workshops staffed with a team of highly qualified in-house engineers.


To ensure consistent supply and availability, NESPCO utilizes dealerships across the country that
stock and sell a range of spare parts. The company has also embarked on establishing workshops for installation and maintenance at each dealership location. During the past decade the company experienced a surge in demand, to which it responded by increasing the number of dealerships, creating a widespread network. Today NESPCO has dealers in Hasahisa, Medani, Gardarif, Damazin, Kosti, Kasala, Halfa, Dongola and Nyala.

To further expand the reach and deliver comprehensive service, plans to establish company managed centers in Obeid, Dongola, Nyala, Medani, Rabak and Sinja are in progress. Each center would be a one-stop-shop that provides machinery on purchase or hire basis, seeds, fertilizers and any other farming needs. Establishing these centers guarantees accessible quality after sales service across the country as well as contributes to the transfer of knowledge by providing hands on training to local farmers.

NESPCO has 8 mobile workshops each with a team of engineers and mechanics that respond to customer calls. This is crucial in resolving emergency breakdown especially in remote areas where access can be problematic during the rainy season.


To sustain the success of our company, consistently exceed our customer’s expectations, and have a positive impact on the economy of Sudan.


With quality, precision and flexibility, we will provide our customers with the service they need the way they need it.


Our business is based on non-negotiable values driven by strong business ethics and a true sense of accountability to all our stakeholders. In all our activities we promise:

  • Honesty
  • Trust
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Commitment
  • Team work
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Efficiency
  • Confidence

Investing in People

NESPCO takes pride in attracting highly skilled and talented people and invests in them through continuous training and development. Our engineers and technicians have the opportunity to train and attain professional certifications in various agricultural engineering streams. Training is provided on the job and through courses provided by world renowned professional institutions.

In addition to employee training and development, NESPCO has established an apprenticeship program for graduates. The program exposes young professionals to latest techniques in the field of agricultural technology and management. Graduates of the program are equipped with a wealth of knowledge that plays a major role in their future careers.

Future Projects

NESPCO has ambitious plans to research several projects that would transform the face of agriculture in Sudan. These projects include utilizing wind and solar energy as well as manufacturing green houses.

Mahgoub Sons for Agricultural Inputs and Services

MSIS is the agricultural services arm of Mahgoub Sons Group. It provides full farming and agricultural services to the group as well as individual companies and farmers in the local market.

Established in 1994, its services range from land preparation, to sowing and harvesting. MSIS owns a wide range of tractors, harvesters, planters, self-propelled sprayers and discs, making the provision of agricultural services to farmers all around Sudan more efficient.

In addition to farming support, MSIS supplies and markets fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides as well as local and imported varieties of seeds, making it a unique supplier of integrated farming services. Imported seeds come from Europe, India and China and undergo rigorous testing prior to commissioning to ensure quality. Chemicals are certified by local authorities.

Localizing Wheat Production

Recently, MSIS embarked on a local wheat production trial with local farmers. The company provided farmers with all machinery, seeds and fertilizers at a subsidised cost, and introduced them to new farming techniques designed to increase crop yield. This pilot project proved successful and gained a lot of interest from other local farmers and the Government of Sudan. Future plans involve allocating larger areas of land for wheat production as well as introducing a variety of other crops.


Partners and Clients

Elnelein Engineering and Spare Parts Company serves various establishments that work in and/or support agriculture in Sudan including banks, local and regional agricultural development organizations, public and private companies and government bodies.