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The African Plantation Company (APCO) – Mahgoub Sons Group

The African Plantation Company (APCO)

The African Plantation Company is Sudan’s prime leader in crop production, recognised for its pragmatic approach to developing agriculture and its pioneering role in rain fed farming.

Established in 1969, APCO is a subsidiary of Mahgoub Sons Group and the oldest and largest company in the group. Since its establishment, APCO has expanded the area it farms from 43,000 Acres to over 200,000 Acres of land across different regions of Sudan, cultivating a wide variety of food and cash crops including, but not limited to, sesame, sorghum, maize, sunflower and cotton.

Crop harvesting is fully mechanized with the exception of cotton which is 95% mechanized. The harvested crops are delivered to MSG’s different companies and factories for packing, processing and export as appropriate. Cotton is taken to Alhourri Ginning Factory to be ginned and prepared for export. Sesame is cleaned and Hulled at a group-owned hulling factory in Gadarif state, and subsequently transported to one of three destinations; Almahgoub Factory for Sweets, Tahniya and Tahini where it covers 100% of the factory’s needs, Delta Oil Refinery for the production of sesame oil and MSG Trading for export. Sorghum is packaged and exported through MSG trading.

APCO has recently adopted a partnership model with local farmers, where the farmer provides land, water and labour, and APCO provides best in class agricultural inputs such as seeds, chemicals and fertilizers that are ethically sourced and imported from different countries, as well as supplying the farmers with machinery, farming implements and management advice. This model has proved mutually beneficial for both parties and facilitated the transfer of knowledge to  localfarmers in a way that is revolutionising farming in the whole of Sudan.

Future plans include the expansion of both the irrigated and rain-fed farming, across APCO’s different regions and locations, with the aim of reaching 1 Million Feddans by 2023.

Farm Management

Sudan is a large country and agriculture is spread across its vast lands. In order to efficiently manage the different plantations, APCO has divided its operations into regions under each of which is a number of farms. Each farm is equipped with warehouses, stores, offices, staff housing and a workshop.

The largest farm that APCO operates is Samsam in Gadarif State, and it was at this farm that a modern farm management system was first implemented. Upon its success it was rolled out to all other regions. This model has increased efficiency, reduced costs and improved reporting within the company, setting a new standard in farm management in Sudan.

In addition to Samsam, which is rain-fed, APCO operates channel irrigated farms in Gezira and Halfa, flooded farms in Abuhamad, and is in the process of installing centre pivots at farms in Dongola.


We will constantly be at the forefront of agricultural technology maintaining our position as leaders in both rain fed and irrigated farming in Sudan.


Through applying the latest farming techniques, we will Increase our quality, productivity, and yield, growing our revenue and positively contributing to the economy of Sudan.


  • We are dedicated to the development of Sudan
  • We have a great passion for agriculture
  • We operate our business to the highest ethical standards
  • We are committed to knowledge sharing
  • We will grow our business sustainably
  • We will always look after our people, our society, and the environment

Clients and Partnerships