African Ginning Factories

The African Ginning Factories is an extension and an integral part of the African Plantation Company, Sudan’s prime leader in the production of cotton, Ginning and De-linting all of its cotton production as well as other locally produced cotton.

Al-Hourri Ginning Factory, located west of Gedaref State, started operation in 2016 with a capacity of 50,000 Bales per season. All cotton bales are packed and wrapped in plastic as per the required export specifications.  Al-Hourri is by far the best ginning plant in Sudan with state-of-the-art machinery operating at the highest international standards.

Currently under construction are two more ginning plants located in Medani State and Alsimeh. Completion is expected within a year and the capacity of each plant is 50,000 Bales per season.


To become the biggest Ginning and De-linting company in Sudan and the African Region.


We will continuously improve the quality of our cotton by staying on top of modern cotton production techniques, expanding our infrastructure and maintaining excellent relations with international cotton production professional bodies.

Future Plans

Future plans include the installation of Ginning Plants in all of the cotton producing states in Sudan, giving us a total of 6 Ginning Plants with a capacity of 300,000 bales per season. The company will venture further into the industry by establishing a complete textile factory, adding more value to our cotton exports.

The company will also own its own high-end laboratories that will enable us to meet international standards and world requirements of cotton without having to outsource our testing procedures.