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Mahgoub Sons Group






Mahgoub Sons Group was founded by the late Merghani Mahgoub, born in 1925 in Wadi Halfa.

It is one of the Prime Leaders in the agricultural sector and food industry in Sudan today. The group was first focused on the agriculture sector but has since expanded into various sectors and industries from food packaging, manufacturing, and transport to media production and television. Owning 8 business units in five different industries, Mahgoub Sons Group has managed to position itself as a leader in The Sudan today…

Over the span of 6 proud decades, Mahgoub Sons Group has evolved from an Agricultural company to a diversified business conglomerate

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Started off with the African Plantation Company (APCO), owning only 3,000 acres at the time, to now owning 200,000 acres. APCO is currently Sudan’s prime leader in farming and agribusiness.


MSG’s Trading Division is the second largest division within the group, consisting of Mahgoub Sons Trading Co. Ltd (Masot), the African Cotton Trading Company (Africot), and 2 Cleaning and Hulling Plants.


MSG Engineering has two companies operating under it. Elnilein Engineering and Spare Parts Company, which mainly imports and distributes agricultural machinery and implements. The other company is Mahgoub Sons for Agricultural Inputs and Services (MSIS). The company focuses on providing full agricultural services to farmers and companies, with its services ranging from seeding to harvesting.


Started off with Delta Food Processing & Packing Co. Ltd in 1994 focusing mainly on the import of food products such as milk, sugar, lentils and rice and selling in bulk to the local market. The company was later developed by establishing its own packaging factory and selling its products in smaller consumable sizes to the retail market.


Consisting of 2 new companies, the industrial division is also one of our newest divisions. Almahgoub Pharmaceuticals company, which mainly imports medicine and medical equipment to the Sudanese market. The second company in the division is Afriplast, a plastic factory for PP bags to cater for both the groups use and the market.


 Commodore Transport Company was revived in 2015 to mainly cater to the group activities as well as the local market. Being one of the biggest in Sudan it was the ideal move to invest in our own transportation fleet to ensure safe and timely delivery of our products.


Consisting of 2 leading television channels and 1 advertising company, we have been able to add value to the country in a strategic way while ensuring that quality products and services are delivered to every home.


The group has expanded its global reach and presence by establishing a number of off-shore companies in the UAE, UK, Ethiopia, China, and India, building a network of operations in international markets that span Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Asia. Mahgoub Sons Group has thus become the partner of choice locally and internationally.

Joint Venture

MSG has numerous joint ventures, including LBTY, Sudanese Canadian Company and Extract Mining Co LTD.