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Sunan Printing & Publishing

House (8)

Block No. 13

Elmashtal Street

Riyadh , Khartoum 

Sudan P.O.Box: 54

Tel: +249155666953















Sunan Printing & Publishing Co. Ltd  was re-established in 2013. Not long after its establishment the company acquired a controlling share in Sudan’s most watched television channel – Blue Nile Broadcasting Channel. A considerable amount has since been invested in upgrading the channels equipment and facilities.


Another acquisition for Sunan was the purchase of a controlling 75% share in a media and advertising house – “Medad Art and Media Production Center” and “Brand Avenue for Advertising”. The company invested in top of the range equipment and the best technologies, as well as building state of the art studios, the biggest facilities in the country, and thus ensuring to position itself as the leader in its field today.