Joint Venture Companies

Sudanese Canadian Company

Khartoum Head Office:

3 Zubair Basha Street

P.O. Box 54, Khartoum.

Tel: +249 183 777578 - 183 783678

183 784234 183 797464 

Fax: +249 183 775156




Liberty Steel

Al- Bashier Street - Industrial area

Khartoum North - Sudan












1-Sudanese Canadian Company:

This is a joint venture between Mahgoub Sons and Spare parts Co. and The Agricultural Bank of Sudan. The company mainly imports and assembles agricultural implements from international companies in Turkey and India, and sells them locally. Excellent workshop facilities are available in Medani State.

The Sudanese Canadian Company is also the sole agent for Foton-Lovol International Heavy Industry Co. Ltd, a Chinese based company specializing in heavy duty agricultural equipments.

Future plans for the Sudanese Canadian Company include the manufacturing of agricultural spare parts and implements.






2- Liberty House Group – Sudan: 

This is a joint venture between Mahgoub Sons Group and Liberty House Group. Liberty House Group is an international steel and non-ferrous metals group operating from its 4 financial hubs in London, Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong, with a network of offices spread across 30 countries.

The Sudan factory consists of a Rolling Mill, with an annual capacity of 150,000 MT of steel construction bars, ranging from 8mm to 32mm. In 2012, Liberty Steel decided to take their activities in Sudan further by investing in an “Induction Furnace” with a capacity of 75,000 MT/Year to produce its own steel billets.

Mahgoub Son Group and Liberty Steel are intending to collaborate further and invest more in the field of steel with the production of steel pipes and corrugated steel sheets.