Mahgoub Sons for Agricultural Inputs and Services

 Mahgoub Sons for Agricultural Inputs & Service Co. Ltd. (NESPCO)

Alghaba Street,

New Industrial Area,

P.O.Box: 54, Khartoum,


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Mahgoub Sons for Agricultural Equipment - MSIS  was established in 1994. The company provides full farming and agricultural services to the groups’ agricultural companies as well as individual farmers and companies in the local market. The services range from land prep, to sowing and harvesting. MSIS owns a wide range of tractors, harvesters, planters; self propel sprayers and discs, making it easier and more efficient to provide for services all around Sudan. MSIS also imports and sells seeds and fertilizers to local farmers, thus giving full integrated farming services.

During the last farming season MSIS entered into a trial with local farmers encouraging the local production of Wheat. All machines, seeds and fertilizers were subsidized by the company to the farmers as well as introducing them to new farming techniques, hence increasing the crop yield tremendously. The project proved very successful and gained a lot of interest from other local farmers and the government. Future plans will see a much larger scale of land allocated for wheat production as well as the introduction of a variety of different crops.