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The African Plantation Co. Ltd - APCO was the first company to be established under the group and was founded by the late Merghani Mahgoub in 1955. The company started its operations by focusing on four main crops and owning only 2000 hectares of land. Today our farms are spread across a staggering 33,000 hectares of land focusing on a variety of crops and farming techniques.


Our facilities include complete infrastructure, roads, camps and an air strip for easy access during rainy seasons. Over the years the company has transformed from traditional farming to precision farming and zero tillage techniques. It specializes in rain fed farming and has seen great success to date.

In 2013 the African Plantation company received a gold medal for production presented by the president of the Sudan to the company’s managing director. The medal was a token of acknowledgment and appreciation for the efforts of the company in the agricultural field and the longstanding success and contribution to the country’s overall economy. The company has since continued its efforts to expand and succeed in maintaining its position as the prime leader in the industry paving the way for others.  

Alhourri Ginning Plant :


Since its establishment, the African Plantation Company has been focusing on developing and perfecting the methods of cotton production, specializing in both irrigated and rain fed areas, spreading its work over a network of 7 farms, across all major cotton growing areas in Sudan. In addition to the establishment of a state of the art ginning plant “Alhourri Ginning Factory”, the African Plantation Company is now running the largest private cotton farm in the Sudan.


During the last 5 years alone, the African Plantation has seen a considerable increase in its cotton production from 10,000MT/year to over 40,000MT/year from extra long to short staple cotton.


Future plans include the addition of spinning lines and all final stages of fabric production.


Due to the success of the cotton production, the African plantation company invested a considerable amount in building its own ginning factory “Alhourri Ginning Factory” to process the raw cotton adding value to their production. The factory is expected to operate fully within the next year.