Our Founder

Mahgoub Sons Group was founded by the late Merghani Mahgoub, born in 1925 in Wadi Halfa, Sudan. He completed his studies at Gordon College, now known as the University of Khartoum, and graduated with a degree in Agriculture. Shortly after graduating he landed his first job in the Ministry of Agriculture. 

In 1955, after gaining the necessary experience, he decided to venture on his own by establishing “Mahgoub Sons Agricultural Co. Ltd”. He focused his activities on Sorghum plantations in the east of Sudan - El-Gedaref State. In 1969 he expanded his farming activities to the Southern area of El-Gedaref to cover Samsam by establishing the African Plantation Company, which focused mainly on the production of Cotton, Sunflower and Sesame Seeds. 

Amongst his many achievements Merghani Mahgoub was elected to represent the state of New Halfa in parliament in 1966. Moreover, he established TCS - Technical Consultation Services, which was the first agricultural consultancy firm in Sudan. The firm was involved in many projects including but not limited to: The Rahad Project, Kenana Project, Aljazeera Scheme and Aweel Rice Production. 

The company is now run by the second and third generation of the late Merghani Mahgoub. It has experienced excessive growth and success since its establishment in 1955 and has become the leader in the agricultural field in Sudan today.